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The dressing service was established in Cheshire by myself JJ (see my portrait just below) and my transsexual friend Evelyn. To be a discreet dressing service, for all of you cross dressing men, we welcome transvestites, transgender and transsexuals. Our dressing service welcomes you into our makeover boudoir, a discreet and friendly environment. Offering quality cross dressing service, from male to female, for men who love the glamorous experience of feminization. That luxurious feel of femininity, you can't resist, but then again do you really want to?

         Crossdressing Service  JJ at the crossdressing servicePink Lips
         Lipstick at the dressing service Corsets at Dress Me Up Eyeshadow at the crossdressing service
         Pink nail at the dressing service High heels for a crossdresser Red lipstick and nail polish

We are a friendly team who have years of experience and knowledge of working with those who wish to see their true feminine side revealed. Predominately we offer a one to one cross dressing service with myself JJ that is me in the above 2 photographs. Should you wish to have the services of a professional photographer that can be easily arranged? Although the majority of photographs you see throughout the website of Dress Me Up ladies are taken by me.
Come and relax with us in fabulous quality surroundings. A totally private, immaculate apartment dedicated totally to your dream. Your safety and security are extremely important to us and our apartment has its own private car park. Take a latte or a glass of wine with us, discuss your ideas with your very own, personal stylist, in your own personal boudoir, and browse our exclusive quality ranges. Examine our selection of outfits, wedding dresses, stockings and high heels. Beautiful shoes, boots, wigs and breast forms all at our premier cross dressing service.

Faye Crossdresser Crossdressing Faye Transvesite Faye
Sara in red satin Sophie the bride Sara in black fascinator

We provide a full make up consultation to advise you on colour co-ordination, with a full choice of makeup, style of wigs, gloves or nail polish. You can be blonde, brunette or even redhead, you decide. Once you have made your choice, your experience of a lifetime will begin. Don't be a slave to convention; you can be a princess, be the woman you always wanted to be at our north west cross dressing service. 

You will be dressed from head to toe in fabulous satin lingerie and stockings. You may choose a dress or perhaps a skirt and blouse. Then again there is always our bridal rail, or perhaps that naughty French maid. The classic secretarial look is ever so chic, a stunning show girl costume and much more.

Sam at Dress Me Up


Seriously take a look at how good Miriam looks and what a change of hairstyle and colour can do for you. Making a massive difference to you to your appearance in less time than it takes to pluck your eyebrows. The beautiful cross-dressing Miriam goes from a brunette to blond and then platinum in a matter of minutes with some of our fabulous wigs at our cross dressing service that is Dress Me Up.


Cross Dressing Service Boudoir

Dress Me Up brings light into your world of the cross dressing service hidden desires, where your true self lies concealed, and opens the door to your new life as a cross dresser. When you glimpse satin panties in a lingerie store, or sneak a glance at stocking tops, or allow yourself the lightest of caresses on the cup of a bra - always your thoughts are drawn to your private world, your secret place. You can think of nothing else but your insatiable desire to wear these delicate, pretty garments and at Dress Me Up cross dressing service we have pretty clothes in abundance. To adorn yourself in silk, satin, nylon, lace. To transform your face and hair with the beauty of exquisite makeup and wigs. To step into the most sumptuous satin gown at our cross dressing service.


Suzie at Dress Me Up 
Nicola at Dress Me Up  


To gaze on your transformed self as you see in the mirror the reflection of a wonderful, enchanting woman that you are. Dress Me Up makes all this and more possible. Every moment of separation from what you want, what you desire, what you so much need is almost unbearable. Your personal dresser JJ holds the key to your heart's desire within her cross dressing service. She will unlock every door that has for so very long being closed before you. Dress Me Up is not just a haven for your cross dressing needs, not just a safe place where you are able to be the girl inside you. It is the beginning of a journey to happiness and fulfilment, to utter joy as a cross dresser within our fabulous boudoir at our cross dressing service.


And it is a journey away from secrecy and guilt and shame. You now have no use for the ugly, negative, grey world of false stereotypes and intolerant prejudice. Your personal dresser JJ will take your hand, in person or through feminization hypnosis if you are so inclined. She will lead you through our cross dressing service door into her boudoir. So feminine herself, so elegant, she reassures you every step of the way. So professional, you know you may trust her completely. You are safe: you have finally come home. She will dress you in the finest and prettiest lingerie and, even with just the thought of each garment on your body, your heart is beginning to race at the thought of our cross dressing service. 



With her incredible skills she will apply makeup to your face - the feeling of lipstick so sensual upon your lips, a gorgeous wig upon your head, your nails painted with fabulous colours. As your inner beauty emerges, your emotions and senses will be overpowered. And you will grow sufficiently confident to explore other aspects of your feminine self: perhaps the desire to be dressed more often, to be laced into the tightest of corsets, to be a sissy maid or a power cross dressed secretary. To wear a breath-taking satin bridal gown, or to succumb to your deeper needs for nylons and sexy lingerie.


Every woman is different, and you are your own woman with your own style. Yet, when your visit to the cross dressing service boudoir is over, JJ will always be there should you require any advice on cross dressing, feminization hypnosis and more. She will remain at your side, holding your hand, should you listen to her feminization hypnosis and her voice will always be in your thoughts. With the incredible power of hypnotic suggestion, Dress Me Up gives you continuing confidence to release the woman you really are within the premier cross dressing service boudoir, now you will be blessed by Aphrodite, your goddess of love and beauty.

'Who said, dreams can't come true?'

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