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When it was suggested that I write this little piece about me, I decided that rather that ramble on I would try to explain about being transsexual and how that related to the cross dressing service ‘Dress me up’.


To start as simply as I can, I am what I am, (can you hear the music?) I make no pretensions about it, I don’t consider myself special. I try not to pretend to be anything I'm not, I will always be transsexual, strange as it sounds, that is ‘normal’ for me and I am comfortable with that.

Today, I can hand on my heart say, that I have never been happier at any other time in my life. I absolutely revel in all the sensations of being female, all the fashion (don’t try and separate me from my copy of Vogue or Cosmo!), the make-up, the perfume, the feeling of wearing stockings on my smooth legs and at the top of my list, the shoes, most definitely high heeled stiletto’s (I now can’t walk past a shoe shop!). Jimmy Choo is my hero.

Being openly transsexual, I commonly get asked lots of questions; I do try my best to be open and honest about my transition from the male to the female gender. I think the most often asked one is probably

‘How long have I been cross-dressing?’ Well the answer is obvious, if you think about it.

‘All my life’ I reply, I usually add, that the earliest I can remember putting on a dress, I think I was seven or eight and when I mention this, I quite often have to ask the questioner to pull their jaw back up off the floor!

Then comes the ‘So why start Dress me up?’

That's easy to explain, with a little history, I was conveniently made redundant from my position on the management team of a large multi-national company, shortly after I told them that I was intending to undergo the process of gender reassignment, strange that coincidence! My boss didn’t speak to me for the whole six months; I think he was worried it was contagious!

I then tried the obvious route of trying to find a new job, but failed repeatedly as I came across the prejudice and lack of understanding surrounding my being transsexual, I then tried to start my own business, but encountered the same prejudices and closed doors.

So my life obviously needed a rethink, I couldn’t go back to the industry where I had been so successful, so what other experience did I have, where were my sympathies and interests and most importantly what did I know about.

Well, the answer was obvious once I applied some common sense, unfortunately my common sense works rather slow and it took me five years to find the answer.

The one thing I am an expert in, is obviously ‘me’ that took a lot of working out.

Suddenly it all made sense, I have years of experience, of the world of the transvestite and now of being transsexual, in fact I think I’ve been every trans, trannie, Tv, Ts, Tg, t-girl it’s possible to be.

Admittedly most of that experience was of making mistakes and doing just about everything possible upside down and in the wrong way, in my defence I can say is that I had no one there to help me

Having learnt from my mistakes I now have so many experiences to share with you and so much to give. I can be there for you, to help you through each step, all you have to do is make the wish and you can be the glamorous woman you always wanted to be.

I know intimately the joy of leaving the male life behind and undergoing that glorious transformation to the feminine.

I understand the feeling of how fabulous it is to go through that make over, to wear lacy stockings and stiletto heels and that glorious moment when you step in front of the mirror and your beautiful reflection is revealed, with your hair or wig, styled glamorously, your make up applied perfectly, lips coated in deep colour, eyes enhanced with thick lashes, perfume assailing your senses, extended nails, highlighted with nail polish, matching your luscious lips, dressed in that little sexy outfit.

And what I found was that I couldn’t live without that feeling. And now with ‘Dress me up’ I am lucky to be able to share that magic moment with all my friends.

The one thing which makes it all worthwhile for me, is for me to bring all my experiences together to help the transformation of one of my friends from that shy, nervous male into the happy glamorous woman, watching their smile spread across their face as they step in front of the classical full length mirror of our boudoir.

I have a simple adage, these days, which is ‘Who says dreams can’t come true?’ I am fortunate enough to have achieved my dream and now I am able to help others achieve theirs. That's my motivation and I would love to do the same for you.

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'Who said, dreams can't come true?'