Dressing Service Appointments

Within our boudoir at Dress-Me-Up we do make a real effort to create individual looks, everything from casual, evening, bridal to showgirl. Our aim is to please every client with a look they want to achieve and of course encouraging them to try new and different styles within our dressing service. If you wish to call us for a basic chat about our services please do not hesitate, we are friendly and down to earth and only too happy to help. You will have unlimited access to our wardrobe and try on as many looks as you like. Clothes sizes range from a size 8 up to a size 30 and we have shoe sizes from UK size 4 up to a size 11.


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The first stage of the new you, is cleanse tone and moisturising your skin, ready for the transformation to begin. Then applying nail polish to finger and toe nails with your chosen colour. Or perhaps you wish to opt for a full set of false nails, whichever it is, they will look wonderful. Offering either styling of your own hair or we have dozens of wigs and hair pieces in many colours, lengths and styles to suit everyone. Your make up will ultimately compliment you hair colour and individual style, we do try to make you look the best you possibly can. Corset and lingerie will be your next stop with selected underwear. Foundation garments and corsetry can shape your waist down by 4inches and we only use quality Vollers corsets. Hosiery is the next step for stockings, tights or the feel and touch of nylons on your skin is fabulous. Silicone breasts forms and discreet padding if needed. We will try to give you the figure you desire.


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The transformation is complete, and with your permission we would like to take a photograph of you to put in our lounge album along with all our other customers, and again with your permission we would like to put you onto our website so you can inspire other ladies, or why not become our Girl of the Month, this has proved very popular with the girls. We have a wide selection of shoes in various sizes, please do have a look through our shoe gallery. Starting from size 6 all the way up to size 11.


Cross Dressing Service Appointments


So, this is the moment. You look at the phone in your hand. Nervous. You hesitate. What will you say? What will she say? So many have lived through that anxious moment before calling the Cross Dressing Service Appointments line. But from the second you hear JJ's wonderful, welcoming voice calming and soothing your fears, you know that a safe, comfortable and so feminine place now awaits you. For many years, too many years, you have lived your feminine life in a secret place.


But the girl inside you so desperately wants to break free discretely, of course. You need more than anything now a totally professional guide, a teacher, a friend, a confidant. To take your hand and show you how much sheer pleasure, how much fun - you will have with her by your side. At her Cross Dressing Service boudoir, inside a beautiful riverside apartment in Cheshire, you will find a gorgeous range of feminine lingerie and dresses and high-heeled shoes which you can try on at your leisure.


JJ is also a fully trained beauty therapist: so the make-up she applies during one of her cross dressing service appointments will transform you into a radiant woman. She also has a fantastic range of wigs for you to wear. You will be in a feminine heaven. And you will leave far behind that grey world of male stereotyping, of irrational prejudices, of inhibition and, yes, of guilt. There will be no room for any of these once you walk through that door. We all have both the masculine and the feminine within us. JJ is there to help you bring fully to life that woman within you.


Five Easy Steps to Cross Dressing Service Appointments


Cross Dressing Service Appointments - Step One:


Call JJ. Her number is which is above in the banner, that right at the top of the page. The best time to call is before 8 pm  Monday to Saturday. Just tell her that you are interested in using her Cross Dressing Service and you will immediately feel 100% better. Your journey to Cross Dressing Service heaven has begun.


Cross Dressing Service Appointments - Step Two:


Arrange with her your Cross Dressing Service Appointments. You should have in your mind the days and times which would be convenient for you. And also how long you would like your appointment to last. JJ may ask you to email her with times so that she will be able to check availability against her diary.


Cross Dressing Service Appointments - Step Three:


As soon as a day and time has been arranged, you will be asked to pay a deposit to confirm the cross dressing service appointments. This is done through a very discrete part of her website or you can pay directly into Dress Me Up business bank account. It is totally confidential and secure. Nothing will be sent to you by regular mail. JJ knows how important discretion and confidentiality are for her clients. She may ask you to email a simple photograph of your male self if you wish to, this will help her to prepare for your visit to her boudoir. Don't worry: her considerable reputation is built upon complete confidentiality.


Cross Dressing Service Appointments - Step Four:


JJ will send you directions to the Cross Dressing Service in Cheshire. If you are driving to your appointment, these will guide you from nearby motorways right to her door. She even includes a photograph of the outside door to her ever-so discrete apartment. A parking space will be reserved for you if you are driving. If you travel by train, a ten-minute walk or a short taxi ride is all that is needed.


Cross Dressing Service Appointments - Step Five:


On the day of the appointment, make sure that you are completely ready. If JJ is to work her magic, and reveal to you the woman within you in all her beauty, then you do need to bathe and shave before you leave for your Cross Dressing Service Appointment with her. Start this fabulous day how you mean to go on: you are worth it! You may arrive in a bit of a state: being nervous is entirely normal. We are all nervous before the most important events in our lives, like your rendezvous with the premier cross dressing service. As soon as you walk through that door and enter her feminine world, you will begin to feel, to think and to act like the person you really are, like the girl within you. All will be well, and all manner of things will be well.


The Cross Dressing Service Appointments Experience


You will cross the threshold of the Cross Dressing Service into a truly marvellous apartment. But there will be a surprise waiting for you. You will have seen photographs of JJ on the Dress Me Up website. Well, let me tell you: in person she is even more elegant, more beautiful, more feminine than you could have imagined. An over statement says JJ but she’s being modest. She is also incredibly professional and intelligent: you will feel totally confident in her experience, in her abilities and in her discretion through one of her cross dressing service appointments.


You will have the distinct impression that she already knows you, that she understands how you think and feel, what you desire and what you need. In many senses, she knows you, knows the feminine part of you, far better than you do yourself. First you will sit down with JJ in her perfectly decorated sitting room. She will offer you tea, coffee or wine. You will chat, begin to have fun because girls together do have so much fun. Your nerves will quickly disappear. And before too long you will begin to feel that you have known JJ for years. You will wonder why you didn’t make one of JJ’s cross dressing service appointments before.


Cross Dressing Service Appointments Releases the Woman Inside


Then, oh the joy, you will begin to clothe yourself in utter femininity as the Cross Dressing Service begins in earnest. You will go to the bathroom to put on a bra, slip into your panties: so feminine, so delicate, such a wonderful feeling. Then a dressing robe, satin trimmed with lace. You are beginning to feel like heaven. You will float into JJ’s boudoir where she will begin your beauty treatment. Moisturiser and foundation and powder. Eye shadow and eye liner and mascara. Lip liner and lipstick.


Nail polish to adorn you fingers and toes. JJ’s art will transform you, not into a drag queen, but into a woman, ultra-feminine girl. Upon your head a wig of your choice and then a suspender belt and stockings to complete this part of your journey. What comes next will be sheer delight, as you explore with JJ her extensive wardrobe. So much to see. So many choices before you. So much to try on. Until finally, your choices made, you stand before a mirror, a woman. A beautiful, fabulous woman. And like so many before, in an incredibly emotional moment, you too may shed a tear of joy when you see your real fantastic, feminine self-looking back at you. Wanting already to make more cross dressing service appointments to visit again.


There is no doubt with every passing day you will wish to gain confidence in your femininity. Further visits to the Cross Dressing Service will certainly help you. But you may wish to consider feminising hypnosis. JJ is a fully trained, expert hypnotist and she can help you either through her feminisation hypnosis MP3s or through one-to-one personalised sessions. Feeling at one with your feminine self. Seeing and experiencing the world through feminine eyes.

'Who said, dreams can't come true?'