Cross-dressing Ball Gowns

Total feminization for transvestites, transgender and cross-dressers who love glitz and glamour why not try one of our cross-dressing ball gowns or prom dress. A cross-dressing ball gown or prom dress is a symbol of total femininity in todays' celebrity life styles. Why can't you have it too? Well today you can as at Dress Me Up we have extended our vast wardrobe to include fabulous ball gowns and prom dresses and we all know you would just love to wear one wouldn't you? Of course you would.

Now I want you to imagine your appointment is a set for you to come along to Dress Me Up and you are preparing yourself for a gala ball or even a red carpet event. Hair, nails and make-up are then all taken care of and it's time to start trying on those fabulous ball gowns and prom dresses, what a collection, super designers with all the glitz and glamour that us ladies just love. How can you resist? You can't, now be a good and just pick up the telephone then we can get you prepared and dressed for that wonderful special event you have always dreamt of.

Do not hesitate you know you have waited a long time, nearly forgot we also have lots of jewellery and accessories, shoes and wraps to complete the look. All the cross-dressing ball gowns and prom dresses including wigs and jewellery are all part of Dress Me Up's vast wardrobe that just keeps growing by the day. A large selection of sizes from a size 8 all the way up to a size 24 makes it possible for all girls' dreams to come true.


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'