Crossdress Service


How can I describe my visit to JJ’s crossdress service? Quite simply amazing!

As a 24-year-old male I have tried to suppress the urges I get to crossdress. But the older I have become, the more I have learned to embrace it; and with a little push from two close friends I decided to call up JJ and ask for an appointment at her crossdress service.

Despite being extremely nervous I was greeted by a friendly voice which instantly reassured me. We briefly discussed what it was that I wanted - which was for the first time in my life become fully dressed. I booked ahead for my crossdress service and I eagerly waited for those two weeks to pass. And then the day for my crossdress service appointment came.


Upon arrival JJ at the crossdress service door, a discreet and private apartment, JJ greeted me. She is as beautiful as the images on her website portray her.

Over a cup of coffee, we had a chat about what the service would involve for me and how I got there in terms of my crossdressing journey. I am quite certain I was a nervous wreck, but JJ just constantly reminded me why I was there. My crossdress service nerves soon melted away.

I was guided into her crossdress service bathroom – so feminine - to say goodbye to my standard jeans and T-shirt, which I swapped for a matching bra and panties set, a silk nightie and a robe. Then the excitement really hit me!JJ took me into her crossdress service makeover room and sat me down, making sure I was comfortable. She painted my nails and applied well as moisturizing cream and a facemask. I was left for ten minutes for the mask to dry so that the real crossdressing transformation could begin.

Mask removed, skin tingling and smooth, covering make-up applied to my bushy eyebrows gave them a more feminine shape. Foundation was applied and the full works on my eyes including false lashes! What an amazing feeling. The whole time I have never felt more relaxed as JJ pampered me into my crossdress service feminine self.


Once the make-up was done we went into the dressing room where JJ placed a range of wigs on me and had me open my eyes and rate them. After we agreed on "the one" – long crossdress service blond - we went about getting me dressed.

In regard to the dressing I will let the pictures do the talking but the array of clothes JJ has on offer is astounding! Lingerie to die for; and then such dresses: little black numbers, feminine pink, slinky purple, and (the choice for today) a sexy red bringing out the feminine best in me; but so many other styles await my next visit; revealing and demure; short, midi and long; lace and satin … so many cross dresser service choices.

We then went into another room and JJ began to advise me on how I should stand/sit/place my hands and feet for my first photo shoot. I hope you agree that some amazing pictures came out of it; and for me some life-long memories of my first crossdress service visit.

I was then told it was time to say goodbye to my feminine self and, saying a sad farewell to my dress, I retreated to the bathroom and returned to masculine ‘normality’. Once I was ready JJ asked what I thought and I instantly reassured her that I would be returning with a promise of shaved legs next time!

JJ also wasted no time in enhancing the crossdress service pictures before sending them back to me. And I could not be more pleased with the results!

My whole crossdress service experience was truly amazing and I cannot wait to return. My main worry about going was my age - whether or not JJ would want to let me experience a transformation because I am young? What a silly thought! She treated me with the utmost respect and was professional at every single step!

Anyone thinking about trying out this crossdress service needs to stop thinking and start phoning! Jessica x


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