Crossdressing Essentials


Every girl needs to keep in mind the crossdressing essentials in her life. And because of the likely pressures on her busy life, sometimes with so little time to spare to pamper her feminine self, it is sometimes easy to forget what really matters. So here is JJ’s guide to the top five crossdressing essentials tips for that wonderful girl within you, even at times when it is difficult to express your femininity to the full.


Crossdressing essentials number one: Lingerie you can wear discreetly – your hidden secret for those times when your commitments pull you away from the femininity for which you yearn so much. Panties are easy: a silky presence which every second reminds you of the girl within. Tights or hold ups too may be worn with little evidence: choose opaque black or dark blue and you need not wear those masculine socks. A bra is tricky and might need to be omitted from your daily crossdressing essentials list: its outline is so easy to spot even under a suit, especially for another woman.



Crossdressing essentials number two: Well-manicured hands. If you choose a spa or up-market beauty salon, you won’t necessarily need to be ‘on parade’ when you have your manicure. But remember, the tell-tale sheen of even the most delicately coloured nail varnish or even a top coat gloss will be spotted by female eagle eyes. And don’t forget those feet. Pedicures are all very well. But first you may need to visit a chiropodist to remove professionally that hard skin which has built up over the years. Once these stubborn defences are down, then luxury crossdressing essentials pedicures, with gorgeous painted toenails if you dare, can be another of your little secrets.



Crossdressing essentials number three: Waxing lyrically – if this is possible for you. Removing excess hair is something more and more men are doing, so there is no need to be too shy about waxing arms, legs, chest and back. Of course, it can be a touch painful. But you do get used to it. And the crossdressing essentials smooth sensation afterwards really does accentuate your femininity.

Crossdressing essential number four: Creams and lotions from top to toe as part of a daily softer skin routine will enhance that girlie feeling.

Crossdressing essential number five: Spoil yourself with a facial once every so often. There are many department stores now offering soothing facials for men and women, and not just high street beauty salons, putting life back into that tired and shaving-battered skin.

The great thing about your crossdressing essentials is that each one of them prepares you for those moments when you can dress to the nines. With smooth skin, lingerie feels so much better. With carefully manicured nails, there is much less of a chance of snagging those delicate nylon stockings. When you are used to wearing at least something feminine every day, your confidence as a woman will begin to grow. Crossdressing essentials are so … essential and may help keep you going between your visits to JJ’s crossdressing service.



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