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The desire to dress up is one thing, stepping out once cross dressed is quite another and for many of you, this facet can be quite daunting and yet exciting at the same time. Do you identify with any of the following? Have you secretly been cross dressing and have reached a time where you wish to explore the real world as your feminine self? Do you lack the self confidence or are too embarrassed to venture out on your own once you have cross dressed? Do you wish to share this special experience with someone who understands you and accepts you for who you are without fear of repercussion? Of course you do.

Whatever your disposition, I encourage you to experience the world from your female perspective whether this is from a transgender point of view or a submissive one. I will assist with your preparation and transformation before stepping out together and you may opt for a brief experience or a more lasting one. Your 'en femme' outing will be individually tailored to your requirement and level of confidence and you can be assured that your experience will be a memorable one.


Escorted trips can be anything from lunch to afternoon tea or perhaps that girly shopping trip you have always promised yourself. Perhaps an evening out to the theatre or a restaurant. Prices for these services are on application and all out of pocket expenses must be met by the client.  

Shopping Trip

The day will start with a tea or coffee and getting you all dressed up for your shopping adventure, how very exciting. Imagine spending a whole day with me shopping in girlie mode is a girl's ultimate dream, well stop dreaming and let's go and do it. Browsing around the shops looking at all those beautiful things without feeling self conscious and then being able to go to the changing room and try on whatever you have chosen, no more expensive mistakes, of course it is nice to have company and support and also someone to give an honest opinion on what suits you and what doesn't. Possibly then go off for a girlie lunch or perhaps a coffee and a danish.


 "Yes you have always wanted to be one of those 'Ladies that Lunch', haven't you?"
More shopping, let's hope your feet can stand the pace. Just remember sweetie you will be on your feet most of the day, therefore choose shoes you can walk in. I can imagine what you are saying to yourself; yes of course you want to wear high heels, just this time not too high. Of course then back to my boudoir for a well earned sit down, and a fashion, starring you and all your new goodies you have purchased. 


Escorted Adventures with the Cross Dressing Service


For many cross dressers venturing out into the world beyond the boudoir, beyond your secret places, can be an almost terrifying prospect. But perhaps you also sense it may also be an exhilarating experience: one which you long for so very much. For so long you have dreamed of shopping, drinking morning coffee, lunching, going to a show but not in your grey male persona, but as a glamorous, wonderful, feminine woman. And now with JJ at your side your Cross Dressing Service escorted trips will be a thrill beyond measure.


For some staying within the safety and warmth of JJ's boudoir will be more than enough. But you may come to want more. Or you might already be ready. Would you love to feel the cool wind on your legs as you walk down the street in your skirt? To enjoy the frisson of delight as you see your reflection of the woman within you in a shop window? To hear the click of your heels upon the pavement? To try on the prettiest of dresses in the store? By yourself all this might remain just a pleasant dream. But with JJ you could rapidly gain the confidence to live to the full that dream and to bring it to so fabulously, incredibly to life. An escorted trip planned to detail by JJ, you do not need to worry all escorted trips will be organized by her.


When you book one of JJ escorted trips through Cross Dressing Service appointments and tell JJ you are ready with her help to enter the 'big, bad world', she will reassure you, prepare you with make-up and wig, dress you, encourage you, accompany you and you will find that the world out there is not so big and bad after all. With JJ an escorted trip with her Cross Dressing Service allows you realise all your ambitions to release the girl which is an oh-so-important part of you. You will be totally secure and you will feel completely safe. JJ will give you important tips on female deportment: how to sit, to stand, to walk: simple but essential guidance which helps to build that feminine confidence. How to order a meal, how to sip your drink.


How to act as well as feel like the woman you are becoming. When you return from your adventure, back into the boudoir of the cross dressing service you will talk your experiences through with all. Although you will thoroughly enjoy your time out with JJ, there will still be much to learn ready for the next time out and about in this brave new feminine world of womanhood. And with each one of JJ escorted trips and her Cross Dressing Service you will find that your life as a woman is enriched tenfold. And, the icing on a considerably delicious cake: JJ is great company, so feminine, so elegant, witty and intelligent. She is always a genuine pleasure to be with.


Escorted Trips with the Cross Dressing Service may start and end at JJ's magical Cheshire apartment. You may be out for no more than an hour but you may also spend a longer period if you wish. JJ is also willing to travel to be with you in London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, Berlin: restaurants, shows, shopping trips, cabarets: she has travelled throughout Europe and beyond providing a professional and personally-designed service. You will need to pay her expenses, but believe me, you will not regret any escorted trips out with JJ from the cross dressing service.

Katrinas shoes Crossdressers feet    

'Who said, dreams can't come true?'