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In today’s society transvestism and transsexuals no longer carry such a heavy social prohibition or stigma because of their sexuality or desire to crossdress. You may call yourself a transvestite or TV perhaps even a CD which means cross dresser. In most countries in the world we have learned to be more accepting and tolerant of the individual who wants to express their sexuality with the desire to be totally feminized. I have seen transvestites, TV or CD from all over the world including from all walks of life.
I have dressed business men from Ireland, IT consultants from Germany. An engineer from Poland to lawyers from Italy there is no border or boundary. Plumbers, builder’s in fact most any occupation or social economic group will have transvestites, TV or crossdressers. Transvestism does not differentiate but just sweeps through a broad spectrum of social skills and all levels of education. I offer premier crossdressers services in Europe and further afield. Transvestites are worldwide from Spain to Russia and back to Switzerland. Some of my clients are extremely busy people and do not have the time to travel to me in the North West of the UK. I have travelled to many European countries to dress my clients; I have never been to Sweden or Liechtenstein and would love to visit those countries.

Hello and welcome to Dress Me Up my X dressing service. My name is JJ and I run Dress Me Up, I sincerely hope you enjoy my website and should you wish to ask any further questions then please either telephone me or send me an email via the 'Contact' page. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Feminization Crossdressers Services Europe

Feminization is an act made by a man to take on the more feminine form and appearance of a woman with female behavioural patterns. It is not only conscious but subconscious as well for the man to transform his mind and body into that of a woman’s. Sometimes it evidently obvious that the minute the male is transformed into his feminine persona, his personality changes and he takes on a softer voice. His mannerism change to become more female defined, the way he walks and holds himself and the pout of his lips when applying lipstick on seeing his female reflection in the mirror looking back. Hands are instantly transformed and more delicate once nail varnish has been applied; physical gestures with his hands are slower and flow with his feminine inner self.


Feminization is to physically take the male stereotypical form to become more feminine, psychological studies have shown that within some men there is a very low resistance and great joy and pleasure from acting, speaking and of course dressing as a woman. Feminization is a form of escapism as well for the male where he just wants to give up his role of hunter and protector and let another think for him so he can just relax and enjoy the pampering effects of womanhood. The moment he steps over my threshold into the wonderful feminine world of Dress Me Up he can be himself without bravado or pretence, not having to worry about who judges him or whom he may upset. This is just about pure relaxation and letting his cares and worries simply melt away for the few hours that he becomes his feminine alter ego.

It is not about power play at Dress Me Up, he does not have to wear his macho persona or appearance. The male’s life assignments, duties and chores vanish and future expectations of his masculine world are left behind so he can enjoy the ultra feminine ideology. Pressures from work or stresses from family life as we all run around at 100 miles an hour are eradicated for those hours of female indulgence.

Behaviour Changes Crossdressers Services Europe

Behaviour changes when dressed in certain clothes, suggestions that can be made about makeup or the smell of his favourite perfume all directly influence his behaviour when dressed as an assistance in a lingerie shop or one of the pretty sales ladies you see in the make-up departments of all large stores. To even becoming the office secretary totally changing his masculine orientation. The sexy tart persona is another favourite as well as becoming the blushing bride.

His overall behaviour is more subdued as he relaxes and lets his femininity wash all over him and he comes to understand that no matter how he may try to dispel these thoughts and feelings they never go away. With age comes a more understanding of oneself and acceptance that these desires and feelings are with him for life. As he gets older he becomes happier within his own skin and knows that fighting his femininity just makes him miserable, I say don’t fight it, embrace it and it will enrich your life for the better.

Dress As A Woman Crossdressers Services Europe

How does it feel to become a woman, to act as a woman, think as a woman and most importantly dress as a woman? You all have fantasies into having the body of a woman and to react in a way only a woman would do with her body. Reality is something quite different only a very few take the many steps towards becoming a transsexual where boundaries and limits are crossed. Body shape and sexuality are not just in the imagination but are altered and re-shaped for life, no going back only forward to reinforce his femininity way beyond his imagination and into the light of new days to come.

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