Sissy Maid Cross Dressing

Cross dressing is great fun when you enter the world of sissy maids at Dress Me Up. We have an extensive wardrobe of sissy dresses, panties and petticoats. First you will need to wear your so-delicious satin bra and panties: seriously pretty pink or powder blue or the black and white of a French maid, all with frills and lace galore. Go on: slip them on and feel that feminine thrill: you know you will not be able to resist. Of course you will have the very highest quality silicone breast forms giving you that womanly profile right from the start of your sissy maid cross dressing adventure. Looking good, feeling even better. Now let’s get those stockings on, my girl, perhaps ivory or white or nude so many delightful choices for any sissy maid cross dressing at Dress Me Up.


A matching satin suspender belt is ready to keep those stockings in place. As every girl should. Time to breathe in as that satin under-bust corset begins to work its magic on your figure and really pulls your waist in. You’re looking gorgeous already. But yes, those laces can be a little tighter: oh, wow: you are feeling fantastic. Your eyes are already looking expectantly at your dress, the exquisite satin of your sissy maid cross dressing uniform, waiting for you. You can hardly contain your excitement. But don’t rush this moment, savour every incredible second. Let’s get those petticoats on you first. You will need layer upon layer of rustling, bustling crinoline to accentuate the feminine joy of sissy maid cross dressing.


We are ready: the time has come to try on your chosen dress. Yes, you will need a little help, and at Dress Me Up’s sissy maid cross dressing service this is ultra-professional. Just a little adjustment here and there. Yes, the fit is perfect. You are now feeling like a dream come true. Your heart is beating fast. You feel frivolous, feminine, and fantastic. So pretty, so cute, so perfect. And you are having so much fun with sissy maid cross dressing. More fun than you could ever have imagined. Before you turn around and look in the mirror, step into those fantastic maid’s shoes: marabou mules or five-inch stilettos or Mary Jane’s: so many styles provided by dress Me Up for the sissy maid cross dressing girl.


OMG, you are so excited, so very excited. Your heart seems close to bursting as you anticipate how you will appear in your sissy maid cross dressing finest. You want this moment to last forever. And you know that Dress Me Up will record your experience photographically should you so wish, providing you with a lasting memory of your sissy maid cross dressing day. Slowly, carefully you turn to face the mirror. Your heart now seems to miss a beat. JJ of dress Me Up is smiling with pride as she sees yet another of her girls achieve sissy maid cross dressing perfection. And you see a vision that transports you into sissy maid heaven.


You are beautiful: so pretty, so feminine. You want to dance and skip with girlish sissy maid cross dressing delight. You twirl and curtsey and walk so sweetly. The luxurious satin of your dress and the petticoats beneath give added grace to each of your movements. As you move around the Dress Me Up sissy maid cross dressing boudoir, a new femininity emerges within you. Your eyes keep returning to the mirror. Is that pretty maid really you? Yes, of course it is. This, my lovely maid, is the real you on this, your very special sissy maid cross dressing day.


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'