Gorgeous cross dressing women of the world, I am Miss Gwen Love a CD and transvestite who has been cross dressing for almost 13 years and Ilove womens clothes. I absolutely love to do it at every opportunity, exploring my feminine side, through wearing womens clothes, transforming Gwen who is my alter ego. A few years ago I thought I should maybe try and give Gwen up, as I was worried she would ruin my family life. So I stopped cross dressing for almost a year.

However when looking in the mirror, I could not stop wondering if or when Gwen would ever return it broke my heart. So I did some soul searching and found I was very comfortable living as often as possible as Gwen being a transvestite has made me very happy inside and out, so I decided to bring my alter ego cross dressing Gwen back into my life and try to get to the transvestite dressing service at Dress Me Up as quickly as possible.

Transvestite Photograph of Gwen

I live abroad in Africa and on my next trip to London I decided to get Gwen’s transvestite alter ego up and running again. Desperately wanting to visit a good transvestite service and I found ‘Dress Me Up’ that is based in the North West of the UK. I hired a car and drove up and I then met the most beautiful and amazing JJ. Wow what a wonderful lady and the most amazing dressing experience ever. She dressed Gwen in a stunning wedding dress and another designer black dress, this had to be one of the best days of my life.

After this awesome experience I was convinced I would never again part with Gwen my feminine alter ego. Unfortunately I had to leave Dress Me Up as our feminization session had come to an end. I was left wishing I could stay in Manchester and live my life as Gwen enjoying the many transvestite sessions that Dress Me Up had to offer. I could not stop thinking of the different feminization transvestite scenario's and the awesome day spent with JJ. I could see JJ and the transvestite images in my mind playing things back over and over again. Which outfits I wore the softness of the satin and silky fabrics these were deeply imbedded in my mind and I thought almost daily about the transformation and how I really wanted to go back.

All I could think of was when I could get back to the UK to visit this amazing lady and her cross dressing transvestite services she has to offer. Finally I managed to return 10 months later which was far too long. My fear was it would not be the same or could not be as good as the first time. However when I arrived I was once again blown away by her beauty and the transvestite changes she achieved with Gwen. The studio had been rearranged and was stunning. I felt a warm sensation all over my body and could not wait to see what was in store for the day.

Gwen the Dress Me Up Transvestite

First I had to remove my male clothes and dress in beautiful sexy pink underwear, what a lucky girl I was. We then sat and chatted over a cup of tea. JJ asked me what I would like to wear and if I had any special request. All I said was I wanted to be Gwen the way she saw me and I would leave the rest to her.

I sat back on the reclining chair facing the huge mirror on the wall. JJ proceeded to do my makeup, which she does so elegantly, as I watched Gwen begin to appear in front of my eyes, I realised that day was going to be a great day as Gwen was with JJ, home of Dress Me Up the cross dressing and transvestite services. I asked her not to paint my nails but to apply false nails with glue. This was amazing as I watched my nails grow and my hands appeared to be more slender and more feminine by the minute. Then she painted the false nails with a scarlet red nail polish, two coats than a clear top coat to make them really shiny, as you can imagine my hands were totally transformed into Gwen’s hands and I could not believe the amazing result.

My transvestite magician JJ then selected a beautiful orange ball gown that I would never have imagined myself in. However JJ told me to keep an open mind and just have a look if I didn’t like it we could always change me into something totally different. Once I had stepped into it I was totally overcome by the look and the sensual feeling as it touched my skin and stocking covered legs. There are no words to actually describe the real feelings I had inside, but all I knew was this was going to be another fantastic transvestite experience. Once JJ had made some final adjustments and put on a stunning platinum wig, she proceeded to place the most beautiful necklace around my neck, this sent shivers down my spine. Every single detail was covered and my now beautifully feminine face was almost too much to imagine.

Gwen Transvestite Moment

JJ took my hand and led me down the hall way to the transvestite ball gown room I was then told to close my eyes. I could feel her warm hands on my beautiful dress steering me then turning me to face a large mirror. Finally once in position JJ instructed me to open my eyes in the transformations gown room. I was left speechless as I could see this beautiful person Gwen in this magnificent orange ball gown like a blossoming flower. It was hard to believe it was really me and once again JJ had worked her magic with her transformations service. It is always a huge surprise to see what JJ can do to transform me into the Gwen my deepest desire, the woman hidden deep inside of me.

I was left to enjoy the transformations moment in this amazing room overflowing with prom dresses, ball gowns, bridal wear for all shapes and sizes. A life size mannequin was dressed in a cerise pink ball gown, but I have to say I out shone her in my orange designer dress. I took one look in the mirror and knew Gwen was back, I was that was it girl in the mirror staring back at me, Gwen was back and back to stay forever with lots more transvestite photographs and images.

JJ had come in on an off day which was Sunday as she does not normally work on a Sunday, unfortunately there were no photographers available so JJ proceeded to do the honours, and we had loads of fun and laughter trying to get the correct poses of my different transformations for the photographs to be taken. JJ being multi-talented delivered some stunning photos for me to take home as a fabulous memory. JJ then decided she had another beautiful dress she would like to see Gwen in, so back to the dressing room to take off the lovely orange dress with the anticipation of what could follow this lovely dress.

Wedding Dress Transvestite

In no time I found myself in the second dress, a cocktail dress, shorter and green with black lace overlay. This time exposing my stocking clad legs and lovely black high heels. To go with the stunning cocktail dress JJ placed a beautiful black satin wrap around my shoulders and a beaded black choker around my neck, the cold feel as it touched my neck was lovely. JJ said I would be very happy with this outfit and as she stood back and admired her good choice, smiled back at me.

I knew it had to look good for her to be so happy. JJ asked me to turn around and take a look in the mirror at another of her wonderful transformations. Of course I had to agree with her this was mind blowing, and again I saw the beautiful Gwen smiling back at me in the mirror. How could I have ever imagined myself living without her, Gwen and of course and the multi talented transformations service of Dress Me Up, Gwen was back to stay.

Transvestite Service at Dress Me Up

JJ had me in all sort of poses, standing sitting, sprawled out with head thrown back, hands on hips, I didn’t know modelling for a photo shoot could be so strenuous, and such hard work. Another hour past with us both laughing and giggling like two best girly friends. Gwen cramping in strange positions but the results were well worth it when I looked at that beautiful girl wide eyed staring back at me. Unfortunately as they say in the old classic movies all good things must come to an end.

Before leaving JJ had another surprise for me, and asked me if I would like to be hypnotized dressed as Gwen? I did not realise JJ is a clinical hypnotherapist another of her amazing talents. She instructed me to lie back on the couch and make myself comfortable, place your hands by your sides and look at a spot on the ceiling. She then proceeded to talk to me in the most exotic rich voice I have ever heard. I almost wanted to sit up and look to see if someone else had entered the room.

Lying there as still as a mouse and listening to this beautiful voice telling me to relax and take deep breathes and soon I found myself in a place or space I had never been before, the transformations were not only to my outer body but also inner mind. It was awesome, floating and being free and experiencing something new, whilst been told I was the beautiful woman, Gwen. There was something so calming and so peaceful it is for sure something you cannot explain but something I can highly recommend along with the transformations services JJ offers. When she instructed me to open my eyes I could not believe it. JJ said I had fallen into a trance almost immediately. I woke feeling so pleased with life it was incredible.

Feminization Hypnosis Transvestite

I am sure she leaves all her dressing transvestite girls feeling a million dollars in any outfit for any occasion. I knew the day had to end and I left feeling hollow and empty inside knowing that it would be months before I would be able to return again to the UK and more importantly to JJ and her transformations service, Dress Me Up which is unique. However JJ has told me that she recorded feminization hypnosis mp3 and I ordered 10 of most incredible feminization hypnosis sessions, which I have loaded onto my iPhone, so now I have the absolute pleasure of having JJ in my head almost everywhere I go. It is a comfort to be experienced which Gwen ultimately loves just to relax and float off into Gwen world whenever I can.

JJ thank you once again for being so special and understanding totally the needs of Gwen my alter ego, you are really a rare person and it is just another awesome day in my life as Gwen a day I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I look forward to visiting you and your dressing transvestite services again soon. Until then hugs and Kisses from a gobsmacked admirer of your awesome talents, services and beauty.

Stay awesome
Hugs Gwen Love the transformations girl from Africa xxx

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'Who said, dreams can't come true?'